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10 Online Marketing mistakes that beginners make

Today, commodities and services are sold more online. Businesses are relying heavily on online promotions and marketing to reach to a larger audience. Is it a simple task to accomplish? Well, it may look very easy to accomplish task, but if the prerequisites are not taken care of, there is a possibility that the results may be completely opposite to what you intent to accomplish.

Whether you are new to online marketing or a seasoned professional, if you are starting out on your own, online marketing path can be confusing and misleading. Even if you are a seasoned marketer, committing mistakes as simple as choosing the wrong strategy can lead to a disaster for your brand.

Here is a list of 10 mistakes that beginners usually make.

1. Spending a lot of money at an early stage: While you are starting a business, it is not advisable to spend a lot of money at the beginning. Online marketing may look very attractive and tempting and you may be forced to spend a lot considering the potential or power that it has. An important fact that marketers need to understand is that the result of your marketing campaign is not dependent on the increase in the marketing budget.

2. Ignoring SEO: There are many businesses who just park the SEO component aside, thinking that it is not a priority. Furthermore, businesses are under the impression that SEO requires a lot of initial investment and it is made for large enterprises. This is a myth because SEO is completely agnostic to the size of a business.

3. Avoiding local search: Ever since Google has provided personalized services to enterprises, local businesses have been able to reach out to more local people. Particularly, for businesses that don’t have a physical store, they tend to avoid showcasing the areas that they are servicing.

4. Not leveraging happy customers: If you have a customer who has been satisfied by your product or service, then it is important to contact the customer, get his review and testimonials in place and make him your brand ambassador. Businesses who don’t do this will end up doing more groundwork and investing more time in new customer acquisition

5. No quality content: Content marketing is a part of your online marketing strategy. Having the right content with relevant keywords will make your content more searchable. However, businesses who are starting up neglect the importance of quality content; resulting in no traffic on their website.

6. Not working on comments and feedback: Comments on product and services are essentially feedback that comes from customers. Businesses sometimes ignore these comments, and this can have a tremendous setback to the entire business. Customers may be expecting a better product as an outcome of their feedback/comments. However, not seeing any improvement will create a negative impact and this can easily spread through word of mouth

7. Not Socially Active: Even if your business is baking cakes, it is needless to say that social media is important. If you are not leveraging this platform, there is the high possibility that you may be pushed back in this race and your competition will march ahead; because, you are losing out on the largest audience, which is easily accessible.

8. No proper knowledge: Online marketing can backfire if you implement it with half or no knowledge. If you have the knowledge, it reflects in the way you manage your customers. However, the pitfalls are even more severe, if you just can’t handle a customer. A simple example is to avoid talking about how great your business is and focus more on what value proposition your business brings to a customer.

9. More Self Promotion: Customers are not interested in knowing about you. They are more interested in knowing how your product or service can help them. Too much of self-promotion and self-proclamation will cause negative marketing

10. Improper Budgeting: If you are new to social media, there is a high chance that you may not be aware of where to allocate your marketing budget. Instead of aligning the spend with the objective that is to be accomplished, marketers start spending the money on their own whims and fancies. This eats up a lot of your money, yielding to nothing.

These mistakes will help newcomers to ensure that they don’t commit these mistakes and are spot on when it comes to implementing their digital marketing strategy.

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