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10 indications why you should invest in Mobile Technology

Let us make one thing clear, mobile applications are not just for the giants like Facebook and Amazon. Today, even small businesses and mom & pop shops are harnessing the power of mobile technology to promote their business and deliver experience to customers.

Mobile apps are created for specific operating systems and this has enabled businesses to reach out to a larger audience, who are users of smartphones and tablet devices. Today the number of smartphone users are increasing day-by-day.

According to a study conducted by Flurry, an analytics firm of Yahoo, the usage of mobile app has grown by 11% Year-On-Year, as on 2016.

There has been a constant increase in the dependency on mobile apps, which has resulted in businesses focusing on mobile marketing as a part of their marketing strategy.

Think of this – you are an ecommerce provider selling products online. If you want to stand out and knock the competition out, have your own mobile app.

Hence, the bottom line is that if you are a business owner and still having ambiguity in investing in mobile platforms, here are 10 indications which will help you take the right decision.

1.  Your competitors have already harnessed the technology and have their own mobile app. Probably, they are eating into your market share.

2.  Your customers are getting tech savvy and are already using smartphones or tablets and they are looking out for providers or businesses who are on mobile platforms

3.  Must of the users are on social media and having a mobile app can easily help businesses to integrate their app with social media platforms to reach out to a larger audience

4.  Having a mobile app, helps in developing a business brand. Think of this, your app can be easily promoted on Social Media platforms and this will help you to promote your brand easily.

5.  Having your business on mobile, literally takes your business on a 24×7 model. This helps you to support your customers through mobile platform, thereby keeping them happy

6.  Having a mobile app, allows you to easily showcase your product or service portfolio.

7.  Having your brand or business on mobile, makes it easy not only for customers but also for business employees to manage easily. From a customer’s perspective, it is easy to install and use

8.  There is a huge population of youngsters who are on mobile platform. People in the age bracket of 18-34 are found to be on mobile more than any other age group. Businesses, particularly online shopping service provider, can easily target this age group with mobile apps.

9.  Search engine giant Google is on mobile app, which enables your business to be searched upon, easily

10.  Having a mobile platform can easily help in capturing data. This data can be used in making strategic decisions

Don’t think beyond this. These reasons are good enough for you to “Go-Mobile”. Start today and invest in mobile technology.

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