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Proprietary System v/s an Open Source Platform

It has always been a question as to whether enterprises should go for a proprietary system or whether they should adopt an open source product. One thing is clear, to ensure that businesses operate smoothly, it is important to have the right software. However, it is important to know, what are the drawbacks as well as advantages of a proprietary system, if you are planning to go for.

A major advantage of having a proprietary system is that enterprises can leverage the customer service that comes as a bundled package along with the software license or subscription. Moreover, proprietary software may have features that are more relevant to the business owner.
Secondly, proprietary software is developed to address a specific market need or a business function. This may not be the case with open-source software. Moreover, open-source software will be relatively cheaper if not free. However, there is no customer support in case of open source software but because the community is so big, you can easily get a resolution for any problem

A major negative factor for proprietary software is the cost. Since, the company has to sell the software to ensure its own sustenance, there will be license fee that the company will charge, which usually is very expensive. However, when the software is sold as an annual subscription (for a cloud platform) the value is less but the company has to incur recurring cost every year for renewal.

Development & Enhancements
Another drawback for proprietary system is dependence on the software company for any customization or enhancements. An open-source software does not face this challenge because the community has lot of developers who are easily available, and they don’t charge exorbitant fees for enhancements and customizations.

Requirement of a business owner keeps changing constantly, and the software needs to adapt to this changing requirement. Proprietary software sometimes become very rigid and are not able to adapt to these changes. Moreover, open-source platforms are very flexible.
Hence, depending upon the requirement of your business, you can go for the right type of software. However, ensure that along with business requirement, budgetary planning and software adaptability and scalability is also taken into consideration.

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