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Resource Augmentation & Mobilization

Technology is constantly evolving. There are times when organizations try to cope up with the pace of innovation. Enterprises are always under tremendous pressure to deliver the best service to their customers. This can be done if your technology infrastructure is up-to-date. However, CIOs are aware of what is the best solution needed to support the business team. But the challenge is to find the right set of individuals, who have the skills and competency to manage the technology. Which is why, CIOs look out for expert providers – IT companies who house a large team of such skilled resources. The advantage that IT companies bring to the table is that they house these resources and they even train them. Hence, they have enough bandwidth to provision these skilled human capitals to various clients, across industries.
There are benefits to having an external service provider who can cater to your requirement.

    • There is no overhead to be maintained at the enterprise level for these resources as they are highly expensive resources and hiring them full time might be an overkill, considering the overall scope of work
    • Having experts work on such niche areas, such as Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, etc. will expedite the deployment process and they can go-live.
    • Service providers can constantly toggle between resources to ensure that the work does not stop.
    • Every seasoned service provider maintains a complete visibility at their end. This visibility is easily made accessible to clients and their executive team

To summarize, modern day businesses operate in a collaborative mode. If companies try to hire resources full time, for all instance, the balance sheet may not look all that rosy. It is a matter of maintaining a balance between in-house team and external resources. CIOs and CTOs play a very critical role here, because they are not just responsible for the technology but also to bridge the gap between technology and business.
Service providers can easily mobilize resources across teams to ensure project deliverables are
always on time and Service Levels are met.

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