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Why to go for a BYOD policy?

Enterprises have been constantly thriving to provide flexibility and agility to employees by implementing Bring Your Own Device policy. However, there has been a constant debate on security aspects of this policy. Moreover, enterprises also find it challenging to govern and monitor the BYOD policy.

According to Fred Mouawad, founder and CEO of TaskWorld, an employee performance, and management, enterprises are more focused on internal security. They are of the view that if an employee fails to perform updates regularly on their smartphones, then it is not good for the business.

However, not all is bad about BYOD policy. In fact, even the most regulated industries like Banking and Financial services are now adopting this policy. No matter what industry the business is into, a BYOD policy need not be a headache if it is implemented effectively.

A major reason to implement BYOD is to provide flexibility to employees so that they can be more productive and efficient. However, employees should feel very comfortable while using their devices at work. It has been found that having BYOD implemented will reduce the help desk requests because most of the time employees will take care of these issues on their own device even before the IT is involved.

The most critical element for an effective BYOD policy is to have it planned out properly is to secure the devices of employees so that they can be monitored for any security threats. If not done the right way, the IT will be completely aloof of what is going on in the employee’s device.

However, a BYOD in today’s digital era is inevitable. You can’t avoid this because it is very difficult to stop employees from bringing their devices to work. Hence, the best way to go forward is to encompass this into your IT Policy so that you are able to give the employees a feeling of comfort. It may raise eyebrows of some IT leaders within the organization, but at the end, everyone will be very happy.

The writing is on the wall. BYOD will be a critical part of an IT organization and businesses of all sizes across all industries will be embracing this. Only time will tell how much effect it has been across the board.

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