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Trends in digital marketing that we can foresee in 2018

Trends in digital marketing that we can foresee in 2018', '

Enterprises have already understood the importance of going digital. Hence, they have been constantly striving implement digital strategy across all functions. The challenge is that there is constant innovation happening and new trends are coming up, forcing organizations to be on their toes.

The role of marketing function is to ensure that the brand is visible and it reaches out to more customers.  Moreover, it’s not just about products or services; it’s about the experience that customers get when they are associated with a brand.

Here are three important trends in digital marketing that we can expect in the year 2018

Integrated Augmented Reality
Smartphones are getting more and more powerful. Brands will start leveraging this powerful tool to engage with customers. This combined with Augmented Reality will deliver the experience that customers are looking for

No more of Influencer Market
Markets are moving to a model which is driven by organic promotion. Unlike earlier where you had brands investing in influencers, but these influencers were very traditional and they were oblivious to the results from alternative marketing investments.

Customer Journey
Digital marketing with a strong data-driven mechanism is a powerful tool.  However, converting the data into a customer journey will be the key element for digital marketing. Brands will be with customers at each step.

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