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Top 10 Guiding Principles of Effective Web Design

Every website is unique as it conveys some or the other message. However, there are those exceptional ones who are simply out of this world and they captivate viewers with their enthralling design and amazing graphics, fonts and colors.

So, what makes a website, effective, efficient and at the same time mesmerizing. Let us look at the 10 principles behind an effective website

01 Simplicity

Splashing all colors and spreading all your content on a website won’t deliver the desired result. Sometimes, a simple design with minimalistic features does wonders in comparison to a complex structured website with multiple workflows. Moreover, keeping the color and tone of your website to three colors ensures that users are not blinded by the flashiness, but they are engaged onto the website.

02 Impactful Design

Remember, your website gives the first impression of your organization to your prospects and customers. So, create a design that is clutter free with soothing colors to give the right impact to visitors.

03 Consistency

Imagine a visitor moves from home page to an inner page. If the layout and colors are different, the visitor might feel that he is on a different website and won’t be able to relate the current page with the previous one. Hence, it is important to have consistency across the website.

04 Right Colors

If your website has flashy and all seven colors splashed across, visitors won’t stay on the website even for a second. Have consistent colors which are not more than 2 or 3 variants and have flat colors, which is the norm.

05 Easy to Navigate

Ensure that your websites are easy to navigate with clearly marked buttons and tabs that enable users to move around the website easily

06 Responsive Website

Today majority of users’ access website on their smartphones. Hence, make sure that the website is totally responsive and fits all screen sizes.

07 Cross Browser Compatibility

With a multitude of browsers available in the market, it becomes important for your website to compatible across all browsers

08 Check for Errors

Having a beautiful website can hit hard on you if there is a minor error. Hence, even before you launch a new website or launch a new feature, please check for errors and ensure that every click works perfectly

09 Code from scratch

Whether your website is a PHP based or HTML based, it is always better to write your own set of code and build it from scratch. Using templates may create a panic in lieu of an error, because you have to go through the codes that are written by someone else and it becomes difficult and time consuming while doing so.

10 Focus on Content

An exquisite website without a content is like a train without an engine. Content is the engine that drives the website. People read what is written on the website and subsequently, take meaningful decisions. Hence, it is imperative to focus on content.

These 10 guiding principles will help a web designer to come out with the best-in class website that can deliver the desired output for you.

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